Risk Management and Compliance Recruitment Experts with proven Global experience.

Dedicated recruitment consultancy focussing exclusively on Risk management and Compliance recruitment within the Banking, Global Markets and Funds sectors 

Meet the team

Simon Bradbury

Risk management recruitment

Simon has 20 years risk management and regulatory compliance recruitment experience within Europe and Asia

Pascale Salmon

Compliance recruitment

Pascale has over 17 years professional Compliance and Regulatory Risk experience in Europe and Asia …

Our Mission

To provide an exceptional recruitment experience for both clients and candidates

To share the best market insights on risk management and compliance recruitment trends, salary benchmarks and skills development 

To develop trusted and enduring client and candidate relationships

Our Methodology

We offer both Contingency and Retained recruitment solutions to our clients.

Retained Search Recruitment

Used for C-Suite or the most senior Risk Management and Compliance hires. The retained search engagement offers clients maximum sensitivity and a controlled message to the candidate market. 

 Technical, personal and leadership criteria will be very specific with an onus on headhunts as well as little or no external advertising to ensure greater confidentiality. 

Due to the more labour intensive and time consuming nature of this work, we would be appointed as an exclusive recruitment partner.

We would schedule more frequent and thorough discussions with you to assess the progress of the recruitment campaign at 3 separate stages : 

1) Instruction

2) Short List Delivery 

3) Appointment and Start of selected candidate

We would in turn divide our total success fee into 3 tranches to be invoiced at each of these 3 separate stages to help us minimize risk due to the greater number of hours invested. 

Note that the total success fee we charge for a retained search engagement is calculated in the same manner as a contingency engagement yet with a different invoicing schedule. 


Contingency Recruitment

We will only invoice our client upon the successful identification of a suitable candidate and the start of their employment. 

This solution is more commonly adopted for future leadership hires – Senior Associate through to SVP or Director equivalent. 

We are able to operate at both an Exclusive Contingency and Non Exclusive Contingency basis: 

Exclusive Contingency: We are appointed as your sole recruitment partner to ensure a more dedicated and discreet recruitment process.

Non-Exclusive Contingency: We are appointed alongside several other recruitment partners. A clear advantage of this model will be an increase in candidate volumes. A disadvantage however can be too much disclosure which is not always appropriate for a sensitive hire. 

They trust us

What they say about us

Simon Bradbury

Managing director

Simon has 20 years recruitment experience in Paris, London and Singapore covering Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance hires through to the C-Suite level. 

He has an enduring passion for the Banking and Global Markets sector and is able to refer to exceptional  risk management and compliance candidate networks throughout the World.

Since starting Roly Recruitment he has supported clients on hiring campaigns in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Dublin, Warsaw, Luxembourg, Singapore, Sydney, New York and Houston. 

Bi-Lingual in English and French and a dual French and British national, he is a keen advocate of mobile Global talent as he looks to support banks and liquidity providers to implement the most effective risk management and compliance frameworks in line with evolving regulatory, ESG and market requirements. 


Pascale Salmon

Managing director

Holding a master’s degree in Law, Pascale has over 13 years professional Compliance and Regulatory Risk experience in Europe and Asia within the Global Markets Sales and Trading, Inter-Dealer Brokerage and Fund Management sectors.

Throughout her career Pascale has engaged with a range of Global regulators and has a strong understanding of the international compliance, regulatory and reputational risk landscape.

In addition to her Compliance duties, Pascale’s last role also saw her assume responsibilities across Human Resources and recruitment for her firm.