We can help you hire the best risk management, compliance and internal audit talent.

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Working closely with you at every step of the recruitment lifecycle :  

  • Engagement 
  • Candidate sourcing 
  • Short List preparation 
  • Interview Management 
  • Salary Package
  • Employment Contract 
  • Candidate Onboarding – Employment References and Background Checks
  • Successful start of new employee

Salary benchmarking

  • Salary data for similar roles across key competitors and challengers within your local market 
  • Comparative salary data within international markets. We have available data for London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Dublin, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong 

Market Analyses

  • Data on risk management and compliance hiring trends amongst key competitors
  • Recent leadership moves :  Chief Risk Officer and Chief Compliance Officer and the context behind these – commercial expansion, regulatory response

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